Bron-bron Doing His Thing: Proof: Lebron James is your Daddy

haaaa reminds me of my dog too lol 


ya gotta strut like ya mean it

Back in the GYM!

After a few dayz rest as isaid in my previous post somewhere, today was a badass session, got thru it OK and felt even GREAT afterwards, 25mins bike, dumbbell exercises and bashing that boxing bag, now to do it again tomorrow, thought up some extra stuff to keep it funners but will start that next week this week’s focus is picking up that speed and strength in my legs and arms, iwish to walk normal one day without limping would be awesome…   

Epic photo bomb of the year goes to this G right here rollin thru on his scooter lol

Week’s Rest….

Had a week’s rest of working out the normal routine only because I wanted to focus on walking, did that on Monday and pretty much pushed myself till it hurt and suffered a few days after (of course me being a fiapoko) but still managed to eat healthy, almost healed tho last night went to my nieces 21st great night to catch up wit family it just reminded me of the years imissed out on a lot of things because of being sick y’kno, tomorrow iwill be back in my gym again and doing what i do best train like a mf beast! 

Alwayz a mad time wit family, and few of the church fam great catching up wit everyone, Happy 21st Veronica Sieni-Jane Tracey Marie Fuli-Roache Williamson, dope as night :) #FuliFamily #Funners

#FOCUS! It’s You vs You…thats your only competition to better yourself than before! :’)



Watched Wrestlemania 30 today just to see Undertaker’s match, idefs kno iwasnt the only one in shock as isaw the whole crowds reaction too, it woulda been undertaker’s call to lose tho but out of people why he choose to lose to Lesnar? imean really? probably his last match too can understand he’s dedicated his life to WWE since 1990 and ikno it woulda taken it’s toll on his body after all the matches he’s been thru, truly a legend and so honoured to be a fan of his! watched him over the years was the reason iloved wrestling, and to be able to see him LIVE in NZ not once but three times is amazing and something ihold close, forever a legend and made WWE worth watching…Thank You Taker!!! Forever a fan of yours!

Hope this happens in Season 5 lol love me some Walking Dead!

#LEGENDS…Gone too soon.


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