I’m just in AWE right now of how things are going at the moment, im just appreciating everything, every day is just a blessing… I cannot thank GOD enough!!! This time last year iwas crying out asking him WHY!!! Why Me!!! Why was ichosen to suffer in such excruciating pain, why was ichosen to cry in silence so many nights… & to look at me now! Doing things that inever thought icould do! I am such an idiot to ever doubt you Lord! I kno you have brought me thru some of the hardest times in my life but never left me not once! I thank you for alwayz giving me countless chances and to know you had alwayz prepared something better for me… As im now beginning to explore this crazy thing we call LIFE iam even thankful for those hard times because it’s prepared me for right now! Thank you LORD! I LOVE YOU!!! ALWAYZ!!! 


She is toooo cute watching her Mum perform and know the actions lol Beautiful moment when Beyonce won her award too! 

Iv alwayz believed in this, you get so many NO’s in life all it takes is 1 yes from God, and that Yes from him makes all the hard times worth it. I think igot a semi yes but il grab it and continue to work hard with it lol keep going hard in whatever your heart desires :)

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I cannot seriously handle how cuuuuute North West is she’s those type of babies you wanna hold and cuddle for agggessss. Kanye & Kim did make one beautiful baby girl, can they give her a sibling already lol


Jennifer Aniston’s reaction when they randomly started playing the Friends theme song during the We’re the Millers gag reel

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DAY 1!

First shift today was good, still think icould do better in my numbers tho, so tomorrow ipromise to do better. I was so ready to work ithought istarted at 4pm but we start at 4.30 lol anywayz, got work tomorrow, time to rest, thank God my legs are okay though, ialwayz wake up each day worried how iwould feel because inever kno but thankful to God for giving me the strength to get thru each day. It’s also nice to talk to JW about it and hear he’s happy as for me means so much aye…Anyayz y’all gave an awesome night everyone God Bless xx

Let it Flow like Toni the Braxton says :’)

  1. Nervous as for today dont know why tho, going with the flow yo. 

#Repost from @kmichellemusic Nothing worth it is ever easy. Roadblocks used to upset me, but now I understand what’s for me is already written. No human on earth can render a verdict on your life, because they are not your judge. I thank God for every break in my heart. God, gave you a purpose and it isn’t to block other peoples blessing. I thank him tonight for his forgiveness and mercy. If God be for you, It doesn’t matter who is against you. Keep fighting for what you believe in. When you are favored they will have to answer to God. Don’t give up! People have always counted me out, but I always knew that My purpose was bigger than me. I truly believe that. Smile😊 Don’t be distracted by the stones thrown at you. Pick them up and build steps to climb to the top. Those that truly support me, I TRULY love y’all. If I’ve found happiness within myself, you can! .. #LoveIt :)


So that job trial itook a few weeks ago, during the weeks after iwas like yeah iwouldn’t hear from them again so fuck it, iwas thinking about it lastnight, and what do you know get a call from that same job if icould start on Wednesday… idont know whether to be happy or what lol nervous now :) but thankful..

Saw this old pic of Shelby man she grew way to fast wish she stayed this lil forever.

Yeah you baaad GI! Love watching this guy play. #BEAST #GoRabbitohs #TeamINGLIS

Brought us such great entertainment and laughter through his work on the screens. #RIPRobinWilliams #ForeverLegendary ..