Job Trial

Job trial tonight was cool, one lady told me to shooo haha to all the people that called my house jst asking a few questions I’M SORRY….I know how you feel lol Talked to quite a few retired people they were sooooo cute. Hopefully they remember to call me in again LOL

JW x

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So tomorrow im on a work trial shift for 5 hours hope it all goes well…Nervous as…a lil excited but ready to work :) if it God’s will it will happen if not it’s ok….ahhhhh lol 


In my zone when the headphones are on. Bass is incredible. Street by 50cent some badass headphones man.




Heaven is for Real!

Just watched the movie and it had me in tears, I can’t wait to meet my brother who passed away at 8months inside my Mum’s tummy, and see my Dad again.


Saw a video of my Uncle in Brisbane (My Dad’s Brother) talking, out of all my Dads brothers he’s the one isee more of my Dad’s features in, esp when he talks they sound the same its freaky. The shape of his arms and hands too…Made me teary! Arggggghhhhh I MISS MY DAD SO MUCH!!!! It makes me angry why he had to go…But ijust have to trust and put my faith in God, he needed him more. 

Naaah heres my 20 facts thanks @naeemah_11 lol
1. Child of a KING.
2. Born in AKL.
3. Middle name is Katrina.
4. Iv recently started studying numerology and love it
5. I thought iwas bad singing Selena songs in spanish the language is so muy caliente lol
6. Tell me a joke il probably click the next day and tell you iget it now
7. When things fall or break at home i say ‘Shelbyyy’( our dog) so Mum thinks its her fault Shelby cant talk anywayz muahaha
8. Yes im still scared of my Mum lol
9. Peanut Butter rules
10. In love with nature period would love to just sit and admire its beauty.
11. Appreciate and embrace life so much more now then iever have.
12. Love watching all types of sports #1 couch coach supporter lol
13. Iv named my lil mini gym/workout room : GetYourLife each equipment has a nickname lol (serioussss)
14. Im a gamer always have been always will be.
15. Music is LIFE! Love it.
16. Braxton Family Values my fave reality tv family has them sisters are a trip.
17. Love Short quotes that explain a deeper meaning
18. I have never stuffed up saying a white sunday tauloto then there was 2010 and iretired after that lol
19. Love looking into history of anything from old buildings to history landmarks and what was happening back in the days.
20. What worries you masters you, one of my fav quotes :)