My heart breaks for the Children of Gaza, those innocent babies having their lives taken away and those who have lost family, homes everything, they on the run in hopes that they will live another day…. I will never get how those responsible for the attacks just keep launching away knowing there are children there.. Even tho i’ve donated money to UnicefNZ to help the team over in Gaza supply health packs for the children istill feel it’s not enough…. ijust pray that this stops… this has too. It’s so heartbreaking to see this happen & so many other things happening that the world does not know off or shows a little of… I can only do my bit in donating and praying that this just end now…


Black Summer. Photo By David Hanjani

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Mum’s pulling faces and talking to Shelby thru the window while Shelby’s making sook noises cos she wants to go out to her, these two are cute and weird lol love them tho :)

Have to tune in my inner Roman Reigns lol its been kicking my ass since igot it last week, il have the last laugh….one day lol cant wait to get home and attack. #Tower200

Where are you people lol

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You was Once that person too.

Some people’s mindsets are so fucked up! Minds are made up without questioning without finding out the reason. Nobody would ever say it to your face they would tell everyone around them first. Oh how little do you remember you was once at that same place too so you should of at least known what it felt like to understand the position your peer faces… It’s a cold world. 

The Fire Still BURNS.

The fire inside has always been lit, but now it has awoken the beast inside….It’s time…

Job Trial

Job trial tonight was cool, one lady told me to shooo haha to all the people that called my house jst asking a few questions I’M SORRY….I know how you feel lol Talked to quite a few retired people they were sooooo cute. Hopefully they remember to call me in again LOL

JW x

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